Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Valencia Update/Interviews

Not much has been going on here in Valencia, just hanging out and doing some light training. Everything is going good out here and the team is looking very good. The only thing I have found weird at these World Championships compared to last year, is that there are people on the staff that don't know who the athletes are. I had one guy ask me if I ran the 400 after I told him what my name was. Now I might not know who you are based on facial recognition, but after you tell me what your name is, I am going to know who you are and what event you do, but that's just me. Anyway, I've done a couple of interviews and I thought I would post the transcripts here on my site as well.

I talked with Steve McGill, President/Vice-President/CEO/CFO/Manager etc. (LOL) of Hurdles First for a while, discussing all things to do with the event the other day. Here is what he pieced together for the interview, he did a great job putting it together because he would ask me a question and I would go on and on about things that had to do with the topic, but more often than not, drifted from the initial question. Click Here

Here are the excerpts from a teleconference that Mike Rodgers and I did yesterday afternoon on behalf of USA Track and Field. Thanks again Vicki and Jill! Click Here


Mom said...

Great interview David! We're proud of you.
Much love.

Nigel "6five" Bigbee said...

Good interviews, i read the USATF one as soon as they posted it but that hurdle first one was really good. I dig that site. Dayron 12.70tho. That would be crazy but if someone can do it, it would be him because he still doesn't have it all figured out yet.