Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dissapointment Again

Damn. Didn't make it past the semi-final round again, at least last time I was hurt. I got drilled out the hole again, reacted in .275, the bad thing was I actually tried to get out. I ran 7.65, the slowest I have run all season. The thing of it was, I wasn't panicked that I had gotten out so bad, I figured I would catch back up. I started to catch back up, but ran into an unforeseen situation, the German on my left, grabbed my lead arm on my backswing coming off of hurdle four and again coming off of number five! He was very apologetic, apologizing after the race, again getting dressed in the dressing room and back in the warm-up area. I just told him "Hey man, we run the hurdles and that comes with the territory." He was like "But you can't run the finals" I told him "Shit happens."

I got everything I could possibly have gotten out of this indoor season relatively speaking in terms of where the real money's made outdoors. I'm very disappointed though, the most disappointing fact is that I could have run every round like I did the first and got a bronze medal. Seeing times I was running all season winning medals was the only rough part. Luck must play a part in winning medals, I had all my T's crossed and I's dotted, but Murphy's Law took effect. I am happy for Allen, adding yet another medal to his impressive resume.

Track and field is definitely a rollercoaster, you just gotta climb aboard and ride it out. The best thing is that nothing that happens on the track is the end of the world, I'm going to wake up tomorrow (hopefully) and it will be a new day. But until then, I need a break from this track stuff, somebody get me a drink or something.


Joice Maduaka said...

Chin up David

Take some time to regroup and set your new set of goals.

US Nationals and the Olympic Games are just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Awww man. Sorry to hear about the race not turning out in your favor. Hopefully a little break from the track world will rejuvenate you.

Mom said...

We're all SO proud of you! Congratulations on an awesome 2008 indoor season! The best is yet to come!
Much love.

sharlis said...

You still are pretty amazing. You have such a positive outlook, so refreshing.

Coach D said...

The most important thing you have shared is "this is the hurdles..." It was indoors, an irrelevant venture that has no bearig on outdoors. See you outside!

clj1nmj said...

David, interesting self analysis on your race. Didnt see it but have confidence you know what went wrong. Anyway, congratulations on a great indoor season. Let me know your outdoor schedule so I can keep abreast to what you're up to. Still thik running a few compeitive 2s and 4s might help in the long run. Take care


clj1nmj said...

David, you should not be disappointed. How many people do you know who can say they are, or have been a National Chamption? That said, I found you race critique to be quite enlightening. You know what you need to do, so lets do it and move on. By the way, still think you should try a couple of competitive sprints (2s and 4s) early in the outdoor season.


coach said...

Sounds like today was one of those of my girls said the same thing about getting out of the blocks today...Im not YOUR coach but I'll tell you what I told her...the problem has been identified, now it must be rectified. Be Well.

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