Friday, April 4, 2008

Florida Relays Day 1

Today, down in Gainesville, Florida, I ran a windy 13.10 (+2.4). I knew while running the race that it was going to be wind-aided, I was hitting quite a few hurdles. The wind always causes me to run up on the hurdles. I felt great, I told my training partners that I was ready to run 13.10 or better on the drive up from Orlando. Eric Mitchum finished the meet in second in 13.34 and Aub-RIDA finished up third in 13.54.

It was very hot and humid out there, I had a good warm up and while doing my starts, was thinking I was ready to go fast. I'm happy with the result, I cant wait to hop on those shuttle hurdles tomorrow. RIDA, Joel (who didn't run the open hurdles for some reason), J-MAC and myself will form one team, we are going up against the Gainesville Elite team of Mitchum, Josh Walker, Jared McLoud and Karl Jennings. I've been talking major trash over the past month about this race, so we better not loose! Get your popcorn ready!

Florida Relays Results


Brianna said...

wind or not....NIIIIIIIICE.