Sunday, April 27, 2008

Penn Relays Post Audit

I made it back to home to Orlando, coming off of a very successful weekend at the Penn Relays as an entire training group. Tiffany Ross-Williams and Adrian Power ran good 400m legs on the relays for the USA and Canada respectively, Jackie ran a very respectable third leg for the Bahamas in the 4x1, Capel ran a good lead off leg in the 4x1 and back doored that with a win in the open 100, defeating the US Indoor Champion, Aub-Rida, won the open 110 hurdles, Joel ran the fastest split on his 4x4 "World All-Stars" team and of course, we hurdlers broke the world record in the shuttle hurdles. Brooks must be feeling good about our performances this weekend, but that doesn't mean practice will be any better. This week is going to be very tough, I got the pre-audit late last week that we are going to crank it up.

Here are a few pics from this weekend, check out the rest by clicking on the link in the right column.

The top two all-time black college performers in the 110 hurdles, Jack Pierce (Morgan State, 12.94) and myself (Howard, 13.08)
Jackie and Aub-Rida before the open 110s
Capel, fresh off of collecting his Penn Relays watch at the awards stand (we took five of them bad boys back to the "O")