Saturday, May 3, 2008

Quick Update on the Monotonous Goings On

Nothing much has been going on in the jading life and times of D.O. since the Penn Relays, some how my tv stopped working while I was away and I had to upgrade to a Samsung. Aub-Rida was really pushing for that model, he said he'll never buy a tv that isn't a Samsung, and the way this tv is looking I'm in that same boat. Other than shopping for tv's, I've just been training upon training upon more training! I put around 500+ hurdles in the bank this week, quite a few 200's and 300's. I'm tuning up for the Doha Super Grand Prix, which will be my next competition next Friday.

I have nothing planned for the rest of this weekend, my masseur came by the house and hit half the training group, we are watching the De La Hoya-Forbes fight at the house tonight as well. I hope De La Hoya gets beaten, how can you explain paying a guy like Forbes to put on 25 plus pounds for a fight, trying to get an easy win? That's like having a miler drop down to race a 10 flat guy in the 100. That's pretty weak to me, but hey what do I know.


Nigel "6five" Bigbee said...

Geez, 500+ hurdles. No wonder the back 5 hurdles are so crazy.

Ron Bramlett said...

Have you seen Hughes' TV?? He pretty much has the best TV ever made. Ever.