Friday, May 30, 2008

Berlin, Non-Stop Action!

Your boy is in Berlin, I got in a couple days ago. Of course the airlines has lost my luggage! I talked to Joice on Blackberry Messenger on my layover in London and she told me that on her blog she wrote a post about me and how efficient I pack my carry-on, and behold, I have to rely on that efficiency now.

D.O.'s Mandatory Items In The Carry-On:

- 4 pair of socks and draws
- Competition Gear
- One day of practice gear
- Flip Flops
- Gym shorts
- Two tee shirts
- Travel toiletries
- Supplements
- I wear a pair of trainers on the plane

Thankfully Marisa lined up a visit to Niketown Berlin, where I replaced virtually everything in my bag, but I still want my stuff! That trip to Niketown was off the hook, I got everything on the house, they took my picture, had me autograph it and they are in the process of blowing it up and putting me on the wall of fame. Micheal Jordan is on there, as well as a whole lot of soccer players and track athletes such as Wallace Spearmon, Asafa Powell, Sherone Simpson and James Carter. I got a hell of a sponsor.

I'm just now finding time today to just chill out, I have been super busy out here! I had a press conference this morning after breakfast which was cool, then I did a thing with some local kids right after that, more press engagements, training, physio, now I'm finally chillin'.

The race is going to be HOT! The preliminary start list consists of Dayron Robles, the Cuban who almost broke the indoor world record this season and has been 12.92 already in his young career, the German Champ, Thomas Blaschek, World Outdoor finalist Serghiy Demiduyk, Andy Turner (GBR), my training parter Joel Brown, Ryan Wilson (USA) who's been 13.02, Gregory Sedoc (NED) and myself. I'm feeling good, I'm looking to go out and compete to the best of my ability and see what happens, should be fun.


Malcolm & Booker Nunley said...

Thanks for putting the link up here

Anonymous said...

WOW! I didn't know your life was so interesting until. . .now. . . your are still the funniest dude I know. Can you legaly have. . .illegal blackberry pics of a movie on here? ? ? And the way the USADA be rollin up on you. . .LOL! your one crazy dude. DO the king, what happened to the Phenom. . .or the gr8one. . . those were classic. Can I have whatevers in that lost bag of yours once they find it.J/K