Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life 'N Times Of D. Oliver

With my boys Aub-Rida and Joel catching dysentery down in Brazil, I have been in an utter state of boredom. Aside from the occasional 15-20 minute interviews and practice, I haven't done much. I bought a new sheet set for my bed, bought seven books and have done massive amounts of lounging around. With the fellas gone, my diet suffers too. They are the chefs of the house, I just grill occasionally. I've been doing my best with the chargrilled chicken breast sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A, trying to do my best. They need to hurry up and come back! It does feel good to just relax for a minute, but I'm too hyperactive and I need something to do, I mean at least watch Aub knock out a couple of missions on Grand Theft Auto 4

One of the interviews I did a couple of days ago was with the local news station Local 6, and affiliate of CBS. The Sports Anchor that conducted the interview was Todd Romero. When he walked up to the track, I instantly remembered him from my younger days in Denver, where he use to be a sports anchor at the local news station. He, his camera man, Tee Taylor and I had a great time out at the track that day, talking about old stories and things from Denver. Thanks once again to our PR woman Amber Godfrey for setting things in motion.

I recorded it rigt off the television with my Flipcam. Here it is:


McLean said...

Reporter: So David... what do you for fun in Orlando?

David Oliver: Aww well, you know...we hot in the streets. Period.

Reporter: Well, you heard it here first. D.O. is hot in the streets...along with his cohorts...

Joice said...

Poor D.O home alone. lol

4700 must be quiet.

See you next week.


Brianna said...

if chick-fil-a is your idea of healthy, you have serious problems!

and why does brooks look so out of it in that video?