Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finally Made It To Doha

After countless hours of flight time, delays and sprints through the airport terminals, I finally arrived in Doha, Qatar. The travel wasn't half bad, I slept for about 85 percent of the flights. The only time I was really up was when the meals were coming out, you won't see D.O. catching any missed meal cramps.

The Doha Super Grand Prix is to me, one of the best meets on the circuit and well worth the travel. At this meet last year, I reached the 13.1 range for the first time in my carreer, this year I am hoping to far supercede that time. The field is a good one, comprised of Andy Turner (GBR), Charles Allen (CAN), Home Team (QAT), Arend Watkins (USA), Joel Brown (USA), Antwon Hicks (USA) and myself.

Right now my body is aching and I'm going to go do something about that before I head off to sleep, I plan on hitting a light workout tomorrow morning.


Nigel "6five" Bigbee said...

Just caught the race on Boy you not playin, good job.

Anonymous said...

BAM! 12.95 Only.08 to go!

Great Job my man!

Lavern said...

Hey man that was fantastic I must say. Good luck this summer and hope to see ya in Europe. Stay positive no matter what. This is your time.