Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rocky Mountain News Article

My mom informed me that there was an article in my hometown newspaper featuring us. I think its a pretty cool article. Check it out HERE


Joice said...

Nice article Mr Oliver.

Claude said...

David, read the Rocky Mountain News article and thought it was well done. A mutual friend sent it to me so I know many folks in Denver are aware of what you're doing. I then forwarded copies to several mutual friends in the DC area. Good luck in Berlin. Focus on the start!


malcolm Nunley said...

Hello my name is Malcolm Nunley. I've watched many of your races. My enjoyed competing against you at the International freedom Friendship Games this year. I'm a sophmore grader at Garner senior high in North carolina. I'm a aspiring 110 and 400 meter hurdles. My top times are 15.17 in the 110 and 55.17 in the 400 hurdles. My brother is Booker Nunley, He will be attending The University of South Carolina this fall on a full athletic scholar. He will be uder the wing of coach Curtis Frye. He has the nations fastest 42" hurdle time for high school athletes with a 13.91 and he is not even in collage yet. I was wandering if you could add a link to our blog on your blog. i just got it up and running and i am looking to get it out there. the link is,
Thank you!