Sunday, November 9, 2008

D.O. Update

As everyone knows, I started back training this past Monday. Boy hasn't waking up in the morning been a constant reminder of why I hate this time of the year.

One thing that I enjoy is those long 30+ minute runs. It sounds funny coming from a sprinter but those runs have really given me a chance to process a lot of information and really reflect upon my accomplishments to this point in my career. It also feels good to start working out again, I am really looking forward to the 2009 season, which will be my fifth as a professional, wow where has time gone? I know that this season there is a big target on my back and I will be forced to work even harder than I have in the past, this is just the beginning of a rigorous fall training cycle.

A film group from Full Sail University, led by Thomas Keeling have been shooting a documentary on me, home life, practice, etc. I'm not sure how long it will last, but when I get some footage, I will surely post it.

Off the track, I've been just as busy as on the track. Getting the incorporation thing going and house hunting have taken up a lot of free time. I think I found the house that I want, keep your fingers crossed for me.

I had some people over for the Calzaghe/Jones Jr. fight, I'm a Calzaghe fan, but everyone else was going for Jones, of course we saw what happened.

I had the painting that Dan Harris made for me custom matted and framed, I picked that up from being in the shop for a couple weeks. It looks 10 times tighter now.

My Dolphins won and are over .500 for the first time in years. My Nuggets picked up hometown hero Chauncey Billups from the Pistons, great move if you ask me. My fantasy team is currently winning as well.

Did I mention that Barack Obama is now 72 days and counting from officially taking office? This has turned out to be a great week!


Ms.Mia said...

Hey, I posted new stuff on my blog.

islande said...

Well you know what they say “too whom much is given much is required” even thought you worked very hard for it. By the way are you going to the inauguration?

Carla Ino said...

Best wishes on the house hunt, D.O. I just had my offer accepted on a pretty great place this past Saturday, so we're going through this thing simultaneously. Hopefully the buyers' market is as fantastic in your part of the state!

Are you going to Obama's inauguration?

Reality said...

Hi David,

I hope all is well with you and I'm glad you are happy to get back in your routine.

Barack has been ignoring me and I understand his transition, but, I feel I made a hasty decision by leaving you! I need the comfort of your security and informative communications regarding your daily activities. I'm really thankful that you provide this blog so that I'll have constant communication, but the secret service men of Barack is really giving me a hard time!!!

I ask that you keep the light shining in the window, just in case I decide to come home :(

Reality from the ATL . . .

shanti804 said...


glad everything is going great for you minus the training part. bet that sucks.

hope you find your dream house and then throw a party with a moon bounce for the kids ^_^ lol

Barack Obama!! <3 so damn excited!!!

Anonymous said...

What up dapper boo! Can you post your schedule for the year?? And try and fit in a race in the Dallas area? I would love to show you around the DFW. Holla

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

Best wishes on finding that special house. I know your mother
will have her own room in your
new home. Way to go!

Aunt Celest

Illumiscape Productions said...

GREAT NEWS, the rough edit screening went well!!!
we were complimented on how the story was structured and how it flowed. we're only about 1/2 way done with it all - we still have a lot of stuff to do - but it's coming along very nicely!!