Monday, November 17, 2008

Miami Dolphins Welcome David Oliver!

Pre-game ceremony


LaLa said...


shanti804 said...


now that is cool ^_^

Taraneh Christine said...

Right on!!! That was dope!

ejheat said...

The grand finale of Back to the 2 Week Future part 2 episode of the D.O. Miami weekend is about to start right now!!!! It starts with Ejheat giving my man D.O. a standing ovation with my loud chant DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! At the look at all those empty ugly orange seats at the artist formerly known as Pro Player and Joe Robbie, I have to get out my Jansen Jungle cardboard cutouts of who else Ejheat and D.O. to fill all those empty seats while I sit with D.O. and company in my fellow hometown Pittsburgh guy, Dan Marino's suite. Then I have to go party with D.O. and my fellow Penn State alum O.J. Mcduffie at his postgame party and then debate Joey Porter and have him crawling under a rock when I knock him out and then tell another guy named Ted Ginn Jr. from The Ohio State Overrators that I am sick of them destroying the Big Ten reputation and yell to him and Joel We are Penn State!!!! Then I Get a picture with the real men of Miami, David Oliver, Akin Ayodele, and Ronnie Brown. Then, I will go with D.O. and company back to Saturday nights party at the 400 Club and order my favorite Jansen Jungle drink, Water on the Rocks, and get silly and have some fun and then go see a bunch of hot Victoria Secret Model Women strut their beautiful stuff on the Ejheat Jansen Jungle Runway and see all these other phony looking people which is so hilarious that I am laughing like crazy with D.O. and company that we decide to hang out with my fellow Western PA Alliquippa Quip of Beaver County, Ty Law, and dance the night way and have a ball. Finally, back to Friday night and see the Miami Heat with D. Wade and company whip up on the happless Washington Wizards and yes another standing ovation from ejheat at the Heat game for my main man King David, Mr. Sub 13, and believe me you can here your man Eric yelling DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Then, we all go back to the beach put on our wetsuits and get out our surfboards and ride this wonderful wave of life on the beautiful ocean water. That ends this episode of Back to the 2 Week Future. I can see why you did not want this Miami weekend to end. I hope you got some great laughs out of my back to the 2 week future Ejheat style. This is a great way for me to entertain you with my Jansen Jungle humor and it really makes me happy and feels so good doing this for you, David, my special friend.