Tuesday, November 4, 2008


No matter who it is you are voting for, get out and hit the polls if you haven't already. It's your civil duty, right and privilege. This was the third time I have gotten to vote and I feel great about it each and every time.

Let's get out and make history.


Reality said...

Hi David,

I early voted and it does feel great. Barack Obama is my new found boyfriend (and yes Michelle knows and understands) :)

You have represented being my main man before during and after the Olympics, and it saddens me to inform you, via your blog, that I'm leaving you for Obama :) lol I wanted to inform you face-to-face, but you were just too busy!

I'll always love you and I am confident that Barack will represent the good, strong and decent black men of America. . . just as you have done and are still doing!!!

You are always in my prayers . . . and I appreciate you sharing your journey with me!

Reality from the ATL :)

Lady1082 said...

I was so proud of myself this morning when I hit the polls. This is my 3rd time voting also but this particular vote was very special to me. I stood in line for 1 hour in the pouring rain. That didn't matter, nothing was going to stop me from voting lol

Wow this is history in the making, in a matter of hours, we will find out if Obama will be the first Black man to be President of the United States.


Carla Ino said...

When I woke up this morning, I thanked God for allowing me to live long enough to see this day. As I was driving to work this morning listening to Steve Harvey on the radio, and teared up a few times as listeners called in talking about what a monumental day this is in history. I'm not usually a sappy cheeseball, but I didn't realize how emotional this would be! Now with a little more than an hour before the polls close, I can barely contain my excitement as we sit on the brink of history! We'll be able to share this day with our children and grandchildren....amazing.

BTW: Reality is hilarious. She left you for Barack? OMG! LMBO!!!

Nicole said...

I voted early after church 2 weeks ago. Stayed in line for 2 1/2 hours(oh yes...early voting in NC was serious) but I sure didn't plan on leaving until I got my vote in! GO Obama!!!

Obama has laid down his vision for change...and with our vote, we can help make the change we need reality.

Now...just wanting (and praying) to see the results!