Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OCPS Tech-In Day

Today, Tiff, Joel and I were invited to Richmond Heights Elementary School for the Orange Country Public School System's annual teach-in program.

We had a great time with the classes we spoke to. We talked to them about goal setting, the importance of getting your education, believing in yourself and staying drug free. The kids were remarkably intelligent and most knew exactly what they wanted to do when they reached adulthood.

We brought in autograph cards and of course, I brought in the Medal. I traded my medal with a young girl for her hall monitor sash. We had a ball with that one. You know kids like things they can touch, so the Medal was a hit.

I really like talking to kids and sharing my experiences with them. I always believe at least one of the kids will become inspired by something I have to say.

On a lesser note, those 300s at practice today nearly killed your boy! But back at it tomorrow.


shanti804 said...

awww ^_^

LOL @ you trading your medal for the hall monitor sash. i bet the kids enjoyed you being there and setting an example.

david oliver, the humanitarian.

shake off the pain from practice! you'll be aight LOL ;)


Treasure said...

David Oliver. Olympian AND Hall Monitor!

I can see it now...Some kid with no hall pass trying to ditch class, attempts to get past you. He breaks into a run... Your official hall monitor sash gives you the burst of energy needed to chase him. In a flash, you're hurdling over 2 trash cans and a lunch table...The kid is shook! He knows you're gaining on him. The kid trips, nearly falling flat on his little class ditching face, but you're so fast that you jump over him and then catch him before he hits the floor. You proceed to drag him back to class by his collar...LOL.

"Don't mess with 'The King' before the lunch bell rings."

Carla Ino said...

I want Treasure to be my new BFF. I am laughing SO hard right now. The visual of DO dragging this kid by the collar...weak.

BTW, nice post sir. Way to inspire the chil'en.

ejheat said...

Congrats on your Sub 13 Enterprises. I am sure you will do well with this and that you will set up a great foundation. I know that you inspired not just one of those kids but all of those kids. As you know, you keep on inspiring this 37 year old kid everytime I read your blog. The 2 things I can not live without anymore are the dystonia bulletin board with all the wonderful,caring loving people on that board that have dystonia like me and the David Oliver Blog. Your blog and the people on that dystonia board continue to be a lifesaver to me. I got so tired and exhausted doing all these things with my parents visiting with family and friends that I had to rest the last few days and do nothing. I was too tired and exhausted to type. I got a lot of sleep and that really helped me a lot. David, I did think of you when my parents and I were visiting our friends and family in Orlando/Winter Park area and St. Cloud. When my dad was driving on I-4, we drove past The Disney Sports Complex exit on our way to my Aunt Dottie's house and I thought to myself is David practicing right now or what is David up to at this moment? Maybe those 300's were making you exhausted at that time. You have an enormous impact in every area of my life and I know that I can inspire and touch your life as well which makes me so happy. I am sure on those 30 minute runs that you get some personal time with God. I always have my personal time with God. I am looking forward to your documentary. I hope you find the house that you want and that painting of you will look 10 times tighter on the wall of your new home for sure. I will keep praying that you find that new house. Finally, I am flying back with my parents to the Pittsburgh area this Saturday and I will be staying there for 2 weeks through Thanksgiving to be with family and friends. Of course, everytime I go to the Pittsburgh area the weather gets bad. It has become a joke with all my family and friends when I say watch out Eric is coming to town the weather will get bad. Snow showers and cold weather which they have had little of so far are coming just for me on Saturday night. It is getting really weird how this bad weather hits just as I come to town. They had beautiful weather most of the summer except for the 2 weeks I was there. I do not know how much I will get on my parents computer, but I am sure to get on a few times to check out the dystonia board and the D.O. blog. You are now Mr. Sub 13 Enterprises!!!!


shanti804 said...

LMAO @ treasure and carla!

that would be priceless.

then the po' child gon tell his/her momma on youuuuu!!!!!!! LOL

McLean Cromer said...

If I could find a little kid...I could turn that into another video...hmmm...where is my daughter's teacher number... LOL!!

Treasure, that was priceless...

LaLa said...

Look at you being all inspirational and stuff. I would be just as excited as the kids to see that metal.

Treasure I'm cryin!

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,
If you can make a difference in one childs life it's a blessing.
Our kids need all the help they can get. They are our future. GOD loves those who take care of his kids. Continue to pass on the blessing.
Aunt Celest