Monday, November 17, 2008

Miami Weekend

Rida, Yo-El and I had a hell of a weekend down in the 3-0-5 this weekend. Like I said earlier, we headed down Friday and hit the beach as soon as we got down there. Our hotel was right on South Beach, two steps from the actual beach.

Friday was hot, started out with us taking a stroll down Ocean Drive of course. Had to hit our spot Wet Willie's! Joel looking at that Superman's Kryptonite like "Do I really want to do this?" LOL.
We saw the Heat beat down the Wizards later on that evening. It wasn't even a good game, but the seats were great. We had feet on the floor across from the Heat bench.

Juan Dixon was almost sitting in my lap while trying to knock down this three point attempt.I had never experienced a NBA game from this vantage point, it was a very good look. At the game, they had me up on the big screen, shouting your boy out. That was super tight. After the jumbotron love, I ended up signing a whole lot of autographs myself. Pretty cool. Thanks Nevin for the seats.
I got to holler at Micky Arison, the owner of the Heat for a hot minute after the game as well as Pat Riley earlier on.
After the game, we hit Prime 112, an exclusive, really good restaurant. I couldn't even finish all of my food, that has to be a first for me. The filet mignon I had was the worse tasting thing on the plate!
We needed to get that good meal in before we hit my party up.
It was such a hot party too. 400 Club is a very nice spot. They party for a LONG time in Miami! I don't think the party ended until well after 5am. Of course we weren't there that long. Man we had a great time.

We had an easy morning, just sat around and watched a little college football before we rolled out to met Luther Campbell and catch one of his NFL Youth League football games. Those kids looked like they could stop right now and suit up for the Miami Hurricanes, they were that good.
That evening, there was some very hot events going on. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and after party that we attended at the Fountain Bleu hotel was a highlight. We saw a whole lot of beautiful people there as well as a lot of phony looking individuals which was hilarious!

We got tired of being there, so we rolled to the rooftop lounge at the Gansevoort Hotel and hung out with Ty Law for a while. We had a ball as usual.
Kitchie, Rida and myselfJoel and his new best friend Mclovin' were providing instant comedy all night

I was looking forward to Sunday all week long! Dolphins v. Raiders. Do I need to say more? We had pregame sideline passes, so we got to see the players during their warmups

NFL legend and former track star himself James Lofton went out of his way to come and holler at your boy and congratulate me. That really meant a lot to me. Aub, a big Buffalo Bills fan, Lofton's greatest moments came while a member of the Bills, was really happy as well.They had me on the pregame run down, when I saw that, I got crunk!
I got introduced to the stadium right before the Dolphin player introductions, it was a great moment. I got to be on the field of my favorite team in front of the fans.
I got to hang with a few of the Miami Dolphins Ring of Fame members
We watched the Dolphins tap out the Raiders from Dan Marino's box seats.

Dolphin wide receiving legend O.J. McDuffie was super cool, after the game, we stopped by his postgame tailgate party for a hot minute.
After the tap out of the Raiders, we got postgame player access. Down there, I took several photos with the Dolphins and a couple with some Raiders.

Joel's homeboy Ted Ginn Jr.
Joey Porter
Akin Ayodele and Ronnie Brown
The players were cool as hell, they all signed my football and were giving me some props as well. Eventually and unfortunately we had to head back to Orlando.
Before heading back, we stopped back at Nevin's baller house! The hottest house I have ever been in in my life (until my own, eventually....) He was a great host as well.
We surely didn't want to leave. But time to get back on the grind.......until next time.



LaLa said...

Man David, sensory overload. I'm gonna read this post again to take all in. Who was taking the pics of you all? Let me guess, you had your own photographer. I am available for that job you know. ;)

Treasure said...

Wooooooooow (Flavor Flav voice)
Such an incredible weekend...I can't even just pick one thing to comment on. I'll try to pick out a few focal points but it all sounds so great...*sigh* the lavish life of a "Hall Monitor" LOL...

-1st of all,I love the pics! They are perfect

-2nd, I know the Wizards got served, but don't talk about them too bad; LOL. A good friend of mine is on the team; and I'm sure he tried his best.

-Hangin' with Luke! the king of booty music! SMH...No further comment.

-Sooo dope that you were singled out @ the games.

-Kitchie is cute! and apparently she does a SPECTACULAR job for you so keep her.

-Happy that you guys had such a good time...I'm hatin' a lil bit though because the highlight of my weekend consisted of playing Pictionary and Scattergories with my friends lol...You know what, maybe I should hire Kitchie or fill out an application to be a hall monitor! lol...Hell, why should you be the only one livin' it up. (smile)

Lady1082 said...

First of all I have to say this: When did Juan Dixon come back to the Wizards lol?? I remember when he was drafted from College Park and started out with the Wizards. The Heat hasn't been a good team since Shaq left, and the Wizards have soo many injuries including Gil so both teams aren't doing well.

Anywho, it looks like you had a wonderful time and I am sooo jealous right now. You had floor seats, box seats damn too much to take in lol For a min. I didn't think your friend Joel knew how to smile lol he always looks so focused.

*I know you was geeked that your team won lol*

shanti804 said...

well excusssseee meeee mr. kangggg! LOL

damn shawty, you ballin' now? [dusts off shoulders]

so like uhhh david, can you spot ya girl with some Heat tickets? kidding! i'm kidding.

enjoy your lavish and kangly weekend ;)


Carla Ino said...

Now THAT is how you do Miami. Seriously. Great pics, great weather, great parties and great SEATS!! How can you ever top that?? You MUST keep Kitchie around!

I'm feelin' treasure with the Luke thing...I'm sure he's cool (maybe?)...but everytime I see him I think of wet t-shirt contests and booties clapping. I mean, some folks are perfectly fine with that tho....*eyebrows raised*

Pigskin Loving Lady said...

WOW..just came across your sight and I'm glad I did. First, I love football and your weekend in MIA is my dream.
Second, if you get a chance visit my spot sometime.
Congratulations on your medal!

Dyana said...

Wow; you had a busy but packed weekend!

ejheat said...

First of all, congrats on the Heat and Dolphins giving you the recognition you deserve. Wow, Kitchie is awesome for getting all this done for you. What a great weekend you had. Those floor seats at the Heat game sure looked sweet. You were Mr. Miami and Mr. 305 that weekend with all the autographs and star treatment you got from everyone. While you were in warm, sunny Miami Gardens being honored and watching the Dolphins game, I was at my parents house watching the snow showers fall and wind blow outside while I was inside my parents house in the warm comfort while people were tailgating and getting ready for the Steelers-Chargers game. What a goofy game with that first ever 11-10 score which was really the wrong score that the officials screwed up on even though it had no impact on the game. My Uncle Mark bet on the Steelers and lost a ton of money on that game and he was still upset about it on Thanksgiving Day. I really got on him and we always have our traditional Thanksgiving Day football debate. We actually did agree on some football things which rarely happens. We had to write this moment on the calendar. Let me tell you, he loves debating these football issues with me because he brings up issues to debate. We really have a lot of fun with this friendly football debate. You would have loved to see me in all my glory taking him on. I was wishing you could have been there to see all this action. Let's face it, nobody can beat Eric or D.O. in a debate. What a tagteam we would make. He teaches psychology at Pitt University. I can not imagine what his classes must be like. My cousin came in from San Diego and was at that cold snow showers Steelers game. I am glad I was inside at my parents home to watch the game. I was real happy the Steelers won that game and Cincy game in the snow flurries, too. I know my friend, Clinton Hart, who plays for San Diego and my cousin, Mike, could not be too happy about that game and the underachieving Chargers. I know Clinton from his arena football days. What a great story from arena football $200 a week to starting safety for the Chargers. I am very happy for him. I hope to see him when the Bucs play the Chargers in a few weeks. Clinton is a great person. I would never want to sit out at those cold games in Pittsburgh anymore at that crappy stadium and field. I miss the good old days at Three Rivers Stadium in the Burgh. I can sit out for hours in the extreme heat here in Florida for football games and not be bothered by the heat too much. I was glad to see you had that awesome picture with Akin Ayodele and Ronnie Brown. Akin is one of my all time favorite players and a great person. I have met Akin before and he has autographed pictures for me that I had from his playing days with the Jags and Cowboys. I need to get his Dolphins uniform autograph. I was glad to hear you got all these autographs on your football and all the props from the players. You deserve the players to recognize my man D.O. What you accomplished in the Olympics is something none of those Dolphins players will ever acclomplish. That is why D.O. is King David and the MAN!!!! Joey Porter is NOT one of my favorite Steelers. I get so sick of hearing him talk and talk. I would love to debate him because believe me he would not know what hit him when I would be done with him. I would have him crawling under a rock. I was so glad when he went to the Dolphins when the Steelers dumped him. All his antics are getting old. Akin does everything with class, dignity, and honor. I will never be a Dolphins fan. I will always be an Akin Ayodele fan. I am a Marlins fan and a Heat fan. Those fair weather South Florida fans need all the real fans like you and me. That was pathetic that so few people were in the stands 11 minutes before the game when they honored Mr. Miami, D.O. I have been at Marlins games with less than 2000 people. They could have honored all the real fans that were there because it would not take that long at many Marlins games to announce all the names of the people in the stands. I am going to have my Ejheat Jansen Jungle Bowl with the battle of the 2 worst sports cities this country: Miami vs. Atlanta. I wonder who my Uncle Mark would bet on for this exciting fair weather fans sports city matchup. I have more to tell you about your Miami weeekend in my next back to the future 2 week episode. Stay Tuned!!!!