Monday, January 19, 2009

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The singularly most important individual in the American Civil Rights Movement is immortalized today.

After practice, I have been engulfed by the History Chanel with all the vintage Dr. King documentary stuff. My interest is always peaked by this.

I thank Dr. King for all that he had done, although he probably wouldn't be totally happy with what we as American Blacks are doing, he would see the fruits of what he started in what was arguably the most violent period in American history.

Tomorrow we will see a Black man inaugurated in the White House, I know Dr. King is smiling down.

In the great words of one of his speeches, "If you can't fly, run. If you can't run, walk. If you can't walk, crawl, but by all means keep moving." Everyone keep moving towards something positive in your life and erase any hate out of your hearts in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


ejheat said...

Dr. King certainly showed the incredible positive impact that one person can have on so many people of all races in our society. I get so excited and it makes me so happy when I see people of all races from children to senior citizens come together and love one another and make positive impacts on each others lives. It also goes to show what a man of God Dr. King was in this world and that dreams can come true. Thank you, David, for sharing those awesome wise words of Dr. King. Once again, David, you keep me moving positively with another enlightening post on your blog that is making such an amazing impact on my life!!!!


QT said...

Amen! I read this entry AFTER commenting on the last entry. Ironically, the mini monologue I wrote in the last entry actually appeals to this one as well, so I'll simply say...Amen my brotha...A-MEN.

p.s. thought you would be in DC??? Guess practice is holdin you hostage????