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I have to admit, one of the best interviews of the Olympic Games was David Oliver. Poised, relaxed and with a self deprecating sense of humor, Oliver is a perfect interview. He is also becoming one heck of a hurdler.

Do not get me wrong. Oliver is a tremendous hurdler, but he is learning the game. How to compete on the world circuit, how to deal with media who have never seen a track meet ask him dumb questions. how to deal with track geek media ask him prying questions-Oliver does it with style.

David is coached by Brooks Johnson and it shows. Coach Johnson likes the details. And so do his athletes. Oliver hurdles well, and with the exception of last weekend, starts pretty darn well. What I really like about David Oliver is that he does not stop until he gets across the finsh line-and HE KNOWS how to lean! If I see one more American hurdler or sprinter loose a race because they do not lean at the finish line and run through, I am going to make myself watch 24 hours of Hannity and Colmes and that just is not healthy. So, dear hurdlers and sprinters, listen to your high school coaches, and run through the finish line, lean at the tape and know what line you are leaning at ( many wise athletes walk the track before to make sure that they know what to do when)--the devil is still in the details!

Oliver to Europe

ORLANDO (USA): US Olympic hurdles medalist David Oliver travels after false starting in the finals in Gainesville during the weekend to Europe. He will compete at two meets in Sweden, on Thursday Jan 29 in Goteborg and on Tuesday Feb 3 in Malmo. After withdrawal of Dayron Robles he is the biggest star of the hurdles there. After short break in US he will return to Europe to compete at Aviva Grand Prix in Birmingham. Early March he plans for first time to travel to Australia for the top meets there.

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Jackie E. said...

Dave, so your lunge/lean at the finish is gonna be your signature, lol. And there we were thinking it was just you doing you! Colin was the only guy who did it better and by the time you're done, you'll have surpassed him for sure:)

LaLa said...

You're headed to Australia huh? Just a regular jet setter now. Really happy for you David.