Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gothenburg, Back On Track!!!

7.54, second fastest time ever run by me and current World Leader. Enough said, LOL. Great 60m hurdle opener for me, my previous opening best was 7.60 from Glasgow last season.

I also won a Samsung Soul cell phone for being performer of the meet.

Joel was second with 7.62 and Aub was third with 7.74, so 4700 swept the Samsung Galan.

After we got in trouble as a group after our performances last week in Gainesville, all is well with Disney Elite.

Brooks said the only bad thing for my race was that it was only five hurdles.

Now we will post up here in Gothenburg then take the two hour bus ride over to Malmo on Saturday.


Miiss Jessiica said...

woooooo ur on fire I'm soooo proud of you!!

Coach said...

That is great! You haven't missed a beat. Do you run on Sat or Sun?

Treasure said...

Wooooooow (Flavor Flav voice)
That's great D.O.

I like the picture too....get 'em!

ejheat said...

Oh yeah, King David is certainly back on track!!!! Congrats on the win. I am so excited and proud of you, David. I know that you will continue to be the World Leader. I know you have the drive, determination, motivation, heart, and talent to be the best hurdler ever in the world. Also, congrats to Joel and Aub, too. All of Disney's Elite is back. Like I said before, I really believe the adversity in Gainesville actually is going to continue to be helpful in the long run. It certainly was Gainenburg in Gothenburg.

The picture of you and your awesome lean at the finish line is amazing. Speaking of pictures, I got my pictures of you and me back and they came out pretty good for a disposable camera. I am going to frame these pictures and put them in front of everything else in my sports hall of fame area so that I can look at them everyday because you are #1 to me. Your smile is so awesome and electric in these pictures that you could light up that entire arena. I could have used brighter lighting in that arena because many of my other pictures came out pretty dark. I had a feeling that this was going to happen with these disposable cameras in a low lighting environment. Although, I did get a pretty cool picture of you as you are in lane 3 going over the first hurdle. It is somewhat dark, but David, you look the best jumping over that first hurdle with those cool white shoes that show up well in these pictures. The main thing is that the beautiful pictures of us together came out well.

I had an interesting Thursday. I saw Vicki Lawrence at the Lakeland Center Youkey Theatre and became part of the show briefly. Vicki Lawrence is one of my all time favorite performers. I know I am showing my age a bit. I am just a little bit older(only 11 years older) than you, even though I am a kid at heart. Vicki did her 2 woman show. She was so funny. I was sitting right up front, and when she came out to do her MaMa routine, she stopped in front of me and started getting comical with me asking me if I had all these senior citizen women types of items. I kept saying no in a silly way of course. She kind of caught me off guard. While I was laughing, she said what the hell good are you in her funny Mama voice. I almost fell to the floor laughing. I was 1 of only 2 people she singled out for this kind of stuff so I was so excited and honored. Another moment I will always remember...LOL. First, meeting you last week , now Vicki Lawrence, what could be next? Only time will tell. I just want these good time and good days to continue. I know you got many more good days on that track ahead my special friend, David. Just keep DO DO DO DO It, King David!!!!


shanti804 said...

WOW! that's fast.

RUN DAVID RUN! or ... leap? LOL

g-o d-a-v-i-d ! ! ! [spirit fingers]

LaLa said...

I'm looking forward to some video. Congrats!!