Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gothenburg Action

Brooks, Joel and I flew out here to Gothenburg after a nice workout yesterday morning. Young Hearns will be joining us tomorrow.

Travel out here was pretty easy, for some odd reason, I didn't tap out until the last 20 minutes of the flight. I can't believe I didn't sleep on the flight, that has never happened. I knew after getting up super early for that workout I would be sleep easily, I guess I was wrong.

I spent the first part of the day out here on the phone with Verizon setting up my global service. I don't know how I forgot to do that before I left. It's fairly cold as you can imagine, so I am going to have to double up on those multi's.

Tomorrow I just have a press conference to do, train after that and I guess sit around and swap lies with these track people like we normally do after that.


McLean Cromer said...

I jinxed you...lol! Next time, I will say how I can fall fast asleep on a flight and it may have the reverse effect on you...LOL!

ejheat said...

I am really excited and looking forward to your meet in Gothenburg. I know that all the adversity that you had to go through in your Gainesville meet will really help you in the long run and be a big gain to you for this meet in Gothenburg or what I will call Gainenburg.

By the way, I am still on cloud nine since Saturday. I was just so happy and grateful and thanked God over and over again for giving me the opportunity to see you perform in person on that track and us meeting each other in person. I will always be here for you in the good and bad times on and off the track. I am already really looking forward to your next Florida track meet.

Now to my silly side tonight. I think McLean and I put the double jinx whammy on you not sleeping on this plane ride. I never can sleep on planes. I guess some of me is rubbing off onto you, David...LOL!
I was laughing like crazy when you said that you guess you will sit around with all the other track people and tell track lies. I always love your sense of humor, David, because we certainly share the same kind of sense of humor. I get in these silly moods and just love to laugh. Have fun at the press conference and listening to all those track guys tell their track lies. I wonder if any of them are fishermen. I am sure one of them would say they caught a fish that is this big. I always laugh at all the fishermen lie stories people tell. Have fun David, get some sleep, and get that long underwear ready and stay warm...LOL!!!!


Treasure said...

Swap lies?