Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Training Partner

Xavier Carter, one of the fastest 200/400 combination sprinters in history has come down to Orlando to train under the tutelage of Brooks. He has personal bests of 19.63 in the 200 and 44.53 in the 400 as well as 10.00 in the 100. He is supremely talented and I am excited to see what he will produce as he attempts to comeback from an injury plagued 2008 season. Practice just got a little more interesting!

Now the training group consists of:

Tiffany Ross-Williams (400H)- Olympic Trials Champion, World Rank #5

Moushaumi Robinson (400)- 2004 Olympic Gold Medal 4x400 relay

Kenia Sinclair (800)- 6th 2008 Olympic Games, World Rank #8

Novlene Williams (400)- 2004 and 2008 Olympic Bronze Medal 4x400 relay, World Rank #3

Korene Hinds (Steeple)- 9:40.50 PB

James Beckford (LJ)- 1996 Olympic Silver Medal, 8m62cm PB

X-Man (Sprints) and 4700 (110H). Pretty good group.


ejheat said...

Sounds like a pretty good group to me. I am sure Xavier will do well under the tutelage of Brooks. Xavier is certainly blessed to have you as a training partner, David. He can learn so much from you, David, on how to be a true professional and do things the right way with class, integrity, dignity, and honor. Please tell Xavier that I am a fan of his, and that I am praying for him to come back from his injuries, and I look forward to seeing what he can do on the track this year. I got a feeling it will be pretty good. Of course, I know it will be extremely good for you on the track, King David, this year. I said a very special prayer for you, David , last night and you are always in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I just get so excited to hear anything you have to say because it gives me so much to look forward to which is the best medicine I can have for my dystonia condition!!!!


Aunt Celest said...

Sounds good to me. It's going to be a great 2009. It sounds like
you have a geat bunch a people to
workout with. Thanks for sharing that information with us.
Aunt Celest

Kasper 82 said...

DAVE!!! Whats Crackin!! Man I think X will have a great year. Once Brooks breaks everything sown. Also, congrats on the Medal - That gold will be yours as well as the record.

Treasure said...

That's what's up...New year, New people...Hope all is well with you David.

Kiratiana said...

This is very interesting news! David i'm sure you will be a very good role model for Xavier. We all want him to live up to his hype...