Monday, April 2, 2007

Another 110 Hurdler Down In the "O"

Great Britian's superstar 110 hurdler, Andy Turner, is down in Orlando training for the upcoming 2007 outdoor season. Today was the first time we trained together, and it was a great, competitive practice. I wasn't trying to get scraped up by him and he wasn't trying to get scraped up by me. We hurdled today and both had an equally good day out there on the sticks. I forgot that Andy was very quick out of the blocks, so that made me really put some emphasis on my start. I think I got him more than he got me BUT we had a 200 meter tag at the end of the workout and he REALLY killed me! He came through in about 21.5 and I came through in around 23.1. We have about another month of his group down here training at Disney, so it should be some good practices. Throw him in there with my full-time training partners, Jacoby Dubose and Linnie Yarbrough, we will be having some nice workouts. I am very excited for this season, this is the first time I have had someone to really train with since I started running professional in 2005, and I have TWO very capable athletes.