Monday, April 2, 2007

National Championship Time!

I don't have much riding on the game tonight, mainly because I had Georgetown winning the Championship in my bracket. I really hope that Florida takes the basketball title in the same fashion that the football team did. ESPN, in a virtually simulated game had Ohio State taking the title 80-76 (shown above), but for our sake on the circuit this season, I really need Florida to take this because then we won't have to hear our friend Joel Brown consistantly talking about this game (he was a '04 grad from OSU), mainly because I see him at practically every competition. I actullay like Oden and Conley Jr. but the simple fact I will have to listen to Joel far outweights any feelings towards the Buckeyes. Let's go Gators 80-62! (Sorry Joel and Dan Taylor).


Ron Bramlett said...

Joel's not reading this blog. He's at an OSU budget meeting.