Monday, April 30, 2007

Hurdles First Profile

Check out the profile I did for! Thanks Steve for thinking enough of my talents to feature me on your site.



Rashad Grigsby said...

Whats good David, I hit your blog up almost everyday to see how meets went, read about your training and things like that. I also attend an HBCU and after reading the article at hurdles first i plan on being the 3rd fastest hurdler from an HBCU by the time i graduate. The article just helped me realize that you dont need a huge organization to be successful, I have by far one of the best coaches here at Clark in Pamela Page. She has been to the olympics in the 100 hurdles and is such a student of the race. Shes been where i want to go and Im pretty sure that if I just keep working hard, in four years time ill be at the level i dream about. I can also relate because just as you stated about Howard our track team is currently struggling, just a 2-3 weeks ago we finished 7th at conference and I had to sit and watch my race, due to injury. But your outlook on the situation makes me want to stay so that I too can be the corner stone or building block for the team in years to come. I'd like to step up as a leader and bring that unity that we need. The article kinda inspired me in a way i guess...glad i got a chance to check it out, hopefully i can catch you run in person one day.