Sunday, April 1, 2007

Welcome To Me, The First Time Blogger!!

After spending the last couple of seasons visiting friend and fellow hurdler Ron Bramlett's blog, I decided that I would try it out for this season because it seemed like a pretty cool idea. Now I can try to post my own pictures, videos and other random stuff. We will see how long this will last!


Hector said...

good stuff man. ima enjoy reading this! update it often

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I knew who you were before yesterday. The only sports I pay attention to are swimming, basketball, and football, to be completely honest. A friend mentioned you in a discussion about sports in general and actually I don't remember how your name came up...but whatever. She told me to google you and I found your blog so decided...since I'm a blogger and an go back from the beginning and read all the way up to the present i feel kinda silly for it but what harm could it possibly do, right? Looking forward to sharing a blog experience with you!