Friday, June 22, 2007

Indy Shower, Had To Post This!

I had to post this situation that I found myself in at my hotel (a hotel that shall remain nameless because I don't want to bombard their reservations department with cancellations, a clue is it's heiress was in jail recently). I came back from the track and wanted to hop in the shower before laying down, so I go to the shower and turn it on and no water comes out. My friend Andrew (the guy in the pic I posted a month ago on the blog that looks like Shawn Crawford), calls downstairs and they say that something happend with some construction going on and knocked a water pipe out, but they said they can help. So I was like 'cool'. I sit around, then I hear a knock on my door, and to my surprise it's a lady from registration carrying about 15 bottles of water with her that I am to use to shower with!!!!! I was like "what?!?!?" I took the water and stood in the shower pouring cold bottled water on myself and on my wash cloth so I could wash my stank behind. I tried to get a night for free, but all we got was free breakfast, I can't complain because four nights only cost us $130 each double room. If this has happend to you, please post a comment so that I may laugh at you like you are probably doing right now. Wish me luck for the prelims tomorrow!


Rashad Grigsby said...

LMAO! Good Luck Tommorow D.O.

Jose said...

Hey Man,very good luck at preliminars.I hope you get the final and better position.I pray man.