Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pre Classic: Another Race Down The Drain

I'm not too disappointed about the race today, of course I wanted to run a faster time, but on the bright side, it was the mistake of hitting a hurdle late in the race that took me out of contention. I felt pretty good getting out, and was effective in every area that me and my coach had been working on this week early in the race, but as I went to hit my second gate, I ended up crashing hurdle #6 pretty bad and knocked me off balance and it was a wrap from there. I ran 13.42, worst time of the year, but I feel WAY better than I did running 13.28 last week in New York. The weather was very crappy up here in Eugene with the rainy and windy conditions and my eyes have been killing me ever since I got up here with this pollen problem they have. Now it's off to the Bislett Games in Oslo, Norway for the first Golden League event of the season. I'll post the race up if I find it.


Jose said...

Hi David.From Spain,I want to give you my congratulations.I live in Madrid (Spain),i´m 24 till September and i train as amateur athlete.
Mi coach is Luis Miguel Calderón,one of the most important here in my country and Europe of hurdles.Do you know Felipe Vivancos?
I love track and field,videos,photos and everuthing.Discover Ron youtube and your blog it´s very special for me.
Good mission,oficial Oliver.12.85 maybe.

David Oliver said...

Hey, I'll be in Madrid for the Grand Prix event they will hold this summer. Good luck this season.

Jose said...

Ok.It will be perfect.I worked at Gp in Madrid last year as volunteer,setting h.hurdles,but this year I prefer watch the show.I´ll meet you,great!Today it´s Chech Grand Prix and this friday Golden League.Madrid Grand prix is set on 21 July.Good luck for you too.