Saturday, June 23, 2007

USA's: First Round Down, Two To Go

The prelims were crazy, the wind was ridiculous and it started raining right after the first round was over, those guys caught a break with that and the light wind. For the rest of us, it was crazy with the winds in excesses of -3.2. I ran 13.56 to take the win in my heat. The race went well, I hit the sixth hurdle and shut it down a little just making sure I clear the rest of the hurdles cleanly, we didn't want a repeat of Oslo. I felt very good so I need to carry it over to tomorrow. For tomorrow I'm in heat 2, lane 4 with the likes of Terrance Trammell (lane 2), Ryan Wilson (lane 3) and Anwar Moore (lane 5) in there. They are taking top four to the final, I have to make sure I'm in there somewhere.


Jose said...

Hi David,i saw it.You´re the second best time at prelim.Well done.First stepts are necesary.You know from five and sixth hurdle you become more effectively,so let´s go and good luck.