Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oslo Golden League: Finally Here!

After sitting on the plane again trying to get to Newark yesterday for another hour and some change, I finally made it out there. We sat on the plane for two hours before we got airborn on our way to Oslo as well, but it was better this time because I was up in first class, eating lobster and tilapia. I arrived a little after noon local time (6am eastern) and felt pretty good. They took me to some sort of training camp where I guess I'm staying for tonight, I wasn't feeling it until I ran in to Anwar, Payne and Joel, and they had been staying there for a couple days, so I don't feel that bad. We all went to the track and did a light workout to knock a little of that flight off my legs. We rolled back to the actual meet hotel with Robby Hughes so we could eat because they didn't have any water or really edible food at our place, and to get a massage. I figure the fastest way to take care of all your problems is to drop that 12.87, then you can stay wherever you want. It looks like a pretty hot field for the race tomorrow night, but it is cold as I don't know what out here now and we run at 9:05pm so I can only imagine what it will feel like, but I'm just happy to be able to be a part of the meet. We'll see what happens.


Jose said...

Well,the track is completely new,was re-builfding from last summer.So it will be fast,but cold and some wind maybe stop all of you to get good marks.I suppose between 13.20" or 13.30" will be winner´s one.Good luck guys.