Friday, June 15, 2007

Oslo: Shoulda Stayed My @$$ At Home!!

I fell on the last hurdle. I haven't fallen since my senior year in college at conference championships. I had a great warm-up and was feeling good. In the race I was step-for-step with Payne, but we know how it ended. Nothing has gone right for me for this meet, whether it was trying to arrive in Oslo, to my nose starting to bleed right in the middle of my warm-up, which took almost a half hour to make it stop, to falling in the race, and now I seem to have lost one of my diamond earrings. I can't wait to go home tomorrow. It was a nice meet and the crowd was great as well, but now its on to U.S. Championships next week. The pendulum has been swing against me hard the past few weeks, but that doesn't last forever.