Monday, July 2, 2007

Athens Grand Prix: Two Thumbs Up!

Went out to the track at Athens with a lot of things on my mind, wondering if I'll ever see my bags plus I had people worrying me about the next meet when I haven't even competed at this one, but I was able to block out all of that background noise and run a good race, equalling my personal best of 13.14. Robles got out on the field and had the win in the bag from the start but we started to catch up when he started hitting hurdles. He took the win in 13.11 with David Payne coming in third with 13.19. Payne and myself are putting together some solid seasons respectively, our names are all over the IAAF top marks list this season. The starters gun was SO fast here, when we watched the replay, Arnold wasn't even in the set position before the gun went off. I got in to the blocks thinking to myself "when he calls SET, get set quick!" because I saw how fast the gun went off in the previous race. The meet was great, a lot of fast times and the crowd was outstanding! Hopefully Athens will have the hurdles next season so that I can come back and experience this again. Next meet will be Zagreb, stay posted.

Athens Story:

p.s. still no word on where my bags are at, it's Day 3


Jose said...

Great job David.Congratulations about the second position and get your personal best again.Good race,but starts gun-off were horrible at sprints events.However,long way to Osaka is coming closer.Good luck guy.

amurph said...

Great job. Good to see everything rounding out well.