Monday, July 23, 2007

Monaco Action

I made it out to Monaco, it is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever traveled to. This is my second time in Monaco and it seems to be even more impressive than the first. The picture above is an overhead shot of the stadium we will be running at. I got in last night after some horrible travels from Madrid, original flight was delayed an hour and almost missed my connection. My manager, Marisa Reich, set it up for a doctor to be at the hotel by the time I made it in, and I was very happy to see him. He hooked me up with some serious pain killers and some antibiotics. I'm experiencing the same problems with fatigue that I had when I was taking the other pain killer, but at least this stuff knocks the pain out for a while. I have to stay on the antibiotics for six days to get these toxins out of my system. It's also official that I have to cancel the rest of my meets in Europe after Monaco so that I can go back to Denver and have this oral surgery. I'm pissed because I really wanted to compete in London and Stockholm, but I have to take care of this before it becomes a more serious problem.

I had a great day of working out today, got some pop back in my legs. The race is going to be good, I know that Terrence, Ron, Aries and myself are here, but I'm not quite sure who else is running. We have another off day tomorrow before we run Wednesday night, so I'll probably go off in to town early on and hop back in the Mediterreanean at night. THE SOUTH OF FRANCE IS MY LAND, THE EARTH IS MY TURF! HOLLA AT YA BOY!