Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Everything's Everything

I've been getting hit up with a lot of questions asking how I'm doing, so I have to hit them with the customary response: "I'm doing like I look, I'm doing good!" The surgery went good, had to get two root canals on the same tooth, it was painful at first, but I started to get use to it after a while. I woke the next morning feeling great, my body felt great, I hadn't felt that good in a while. It's probably because I rid my body of those toxins coursing through it. I haven't done much, just hanging out with family and friends, did an interview with John Meyer of the Denver Post at my old high school, wow how things have changed, and now I moved up a spot on the IAAF World Rankings from number 6 to number 5. I've been getting bad news as well, worse of which is the news of Kenta Bell, a guy who took me under his wing when I started running professionally in '05, taught me the ropes and who I would hope to of modeled my career after, being suspended for three months for what I think is some B.S. I know he'll be okay. But other than that, nothing of great significance has been going on in the life of D.O., I'll be heading back to Orlando after my follow up with the dentist on Thursday.


milton said...


All of Scott UMC is rooting for you. This is Milton Garlin, Lay Leader at Scott. I talked to you briefly on last Sunday about an interview for the ScottToday newsletter. We'll include your bio and endeavors in a future issue (found at www.scottumc-denver.org) which will focus on young adults at/from Scott. If you make it to the olympics, we'll have a bus from Scott in attendance (LOL). Keep running like the devil is chasing you!!