Saturday, July 7, 2007

Right Back Like I Left Something

Let me give you the run-down of the last 6 days, getting internet action at the last couple of stops has been like trying to get ice water to people in hell. It's been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs for your boy, here's the rundown:

July 3rd: Didn't get an ounce of sleep after the meet in Athens because our shuttle to the airport was leaving at 3am, flight was cool, hotel was very nice and the meet director really made sure I was taken care of given his prior knowledge of my luggage situation. This was classified as an uneventful day, which is good.

July 4th: Zagreb meet day. Was raining and cold from the time we went to lunch until after we finished running. The warm-up consisted of basically nothing, couldn't do much given the circumstances. I ran 13.61 for fourth with a very helpful wind of +3. something, damn near fell twice, just didn't go very well, but came out unscathed and healthy, but I'm soak and wet and don't have time to let the clothes dry before I'm off to Paris. Classify this as a down day.

July 5th: Woke up feeling a great burst of energy, I'm going back to Paris where my bags should be! Got to Charles-De Gaulle and of course, no luggage. Now I'm pissed again and very, very mad, I thought tears of frustration were going to start rolling, my hopes were SO up that my bag would be there. The rest of the day was very uneventful, but thanks so much for the people at NIKE for bringing me a couple of bags full of clothes and shoes so I could change becaue you know I gotta stay fresh.

July 6th: Paris race day. Felt flat as a board during warm-up. Ran 13.27, got my ass scraped up once again, got fifth. I wasn't too concerned, just techniqued my way through the race. I didn't get out the greatest and I felt like I couldn't switch my gears like normal and make up any ground. The meet was very nice and the crowd was off the hook! I've never heard a crowd get so loud as it did when they called Doucoure's name out, it was electric. Another down day.

July 7th: Woke up and went back to the airport for one last ditch effort at getting some closure on the bag situation. I went back in the luggage area and searched through ALL of the bags to no evail. Then it got worse. Me and a lot of other athletes and managers were catching the train from Paris to Lausanne, so after I spent two hours at the airport, I had to rush back to the hotel and get my stuff so I wouldn't miss the shuttle to the train station. So now we are on the train and I'm having a conversation with Perdita about world travelling, then it dawns on me, I DON'T HAVE MY PASSPORT!!! IT'S UNDER THE WELCOME PACKET ON THE DESK!!! This is easily the dumbest thing I have done in quite some time. Luckily I was with Paul Doyle AKA The Lifesaver of the trip and he called the hotel, found my passport and will have it to me tommorrow afternoon. Dodged a serious bullett. Everything is nice here in Lausanne and I am expecting to run far better here than I did in Paris. I'll keep you posted.


Rashad Grigsby said...

Hoping everythang gets right with tha bags man...keep your head up. Most times stuff like this only means something good is in store in the future.