Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lausanne Super Grand Prix Preview

The internet action has been sketchy again. I paid about 20 U.S. Dollars for what I thought was 24 hours of wireless the other day, come to find out it was 24 hours continuous as long as you stayed logged on and I shut my computer down when I went to sleep. They got me. But anyway, I drew lane 6 in the B race here in Lausanne. I guess a couple of 13.14s and making the World team does not get you much these days. The others in my heat are Robby Hughes, Thomas Blaschek, Robert Kronberg and a guy from Switzerland. I cant sit and dwell on the fact that I feel I should be in the A race because there are plenty of 110 hurdlers that I personally know that would love to switch places with me. I still have to go out and execute my gameplan to the fullest to have a good result. We run at 7 and right now its cold and sprinkling outside. We will see how it goes.


Mom said...

Don't say or state what you "want"...
"Choose" your destiny; visualize it and claim it.
You are in control because you are one with Him.
I'm very proud of you!
Much love to and for you my Son.