Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lausanne Recap, Plus LUGGAAGE HAS BEEN FOUND!!

The race at Luasanne went pretty good, it was one of the cleanest races I have run all season. I finished in a disappointing 13.34 in winning the B section of the meet. It was only good enough for 8th overall, the guys in the A heat rolled out, which was expected. Big shout outs to my boy Anwar for equalling his PR in coming second, his past couple of races have been very impressive.

Now to the good news. My flight landed in Rome, where my next competition will be, and they had my luggage ready for me!! I felt like it was Christmas. It felt good to shower up and put on a fresh pair of underwear straight out of the washer from the house! But the airlines lost the bag I flew in with from Lausanne, what is going on with these airlines these days?!?! It should be here in the morning though, no harm.

I'm running in the Golden Gala in Rome, the third stop on the IAAF Golden League Circuit. The entrants in the hurdles so far are: Dominique Arnold, Ladji Doucoure, Aries Merritt, Anwar Moore, David Payne, Stanislav Olijars, Anselmo De Silva and myself. It looks hot as usual, I'll keep you posted.