Sunday, January 13, 2008

4700 Cookout!

Yesterday, us here at "4700 House" had what we thought was going to be about 8-9 people come over to the house to enjoy a little grilling we were doing. Our massage therapist Mona called after the "competition" we had Friday to see about coming to the house Saturday and massaging whomever wanted to be seen. We were thinking that the four of us in the house (Joel, Aub, Kenta, myself) plus three to four other people we train with and our strength coach Randy would come through and eat, watch the game and get worked on. We had steaks, hot dogs, burgers, salmon, jerk chicken, corn and chicken breasts we threw on the grill. That $20 grill I bought from Wal-Mart the other day definitely put in some major work.

All I know is when I came down from getting worked on for about an hour and a half, there were 22 people in the house! Robby Hughes, Josh Norman and a couple people they train with drove down from Gainesville, Lashinda Demus, Beau Walker and 3-4 of their friends came down from Clermont where they're training for a couple weeks, Fred Townsend and a couple of his training partners came by too. My first thought to Aub was "Man, I hope we have enough food!", I really didn't feel like making another run to Wal-Mart. We watched the play-off games, ate, talked and had an all-around good time. It was REALLY unexpected, but I'm glad everyone came by. I had never entertained people at a house of mine like that before, but I guess it's a time for everything.

People were on the back patio getting haircuts.

We had a "Perfect Push-up" competition too. It was "4700 House" (Aub, Joel, myself) versus the "Gainesville Crew" (Young Hughes, J. Norman, Andre Sturvidant). You know we went on ahead and tapped them out 113 to 110. Joel hit them with 51 pushups, Aub 33, me 29. Hughes put up 35, Josh 50 and Dre 25.We had practice this morning at 10am and I was pretty sore from those pushups, I have to call Hughes and see how he feels because I know he's hurting. He did about five sets throughout the evening. We definitely have to have another get together again.