Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Glasgow Post-Audit

I'm back now in Orlando, happy to get out of the weather over in Glasgow! That rain and wind was crucial over there!

I won the 60 meter hurdles in the meet in a time of 7.60, which is the fifth fastest time I have ever run. I was hoping to run a little faster than that, but as far as an opener goes and with all of the traveling that was involved, I am happy with the certain positives I am taking with me out of the race. It feels good to get '08 off and poppin'!

I think our race put the meet behind schedule at least 10 minutes. It was crazy, if took us FIVE starts to actually get going! I think we used all of the starters blanks in his pistol.

1st Start: Schwarzer false starts
2nd Start: Schwarzer raises his hand
3rd Start: Schwarzer false starts out
4th Start: Scott flase starts out
5th Start: FINALLY get a legal one

I was alone in the middle of the track with no one in either of the lanes due to all of the false starts. I felt like I ran the race like I do the time trials I run at practice alone. I had never seen anything like that before in my life. One of the main positives I took out of the race was my ability to be able to focus and re-focus with everything going on. Brooks is a big proponent of obtaining "Calendar PR's", so from that aspect, at this time last season my personal best was 7.61, so I obtained a calendar PR by running 7.60, so that's another plus.

I had a great time out in Glasgow, the only down part was we lost the meet to Great Britain by one point and we tied for second with Germany. I was really hoping to get the team win out there.

The meet organizers were really great out there, I had a wonderful time at dinner with Ian Hodge and Katherine Merry, the conversations we were having were classic, everyone at the table lost track of time, it seemed like we were down there for hours laughing it up!

My next meet is going to be The 101st Millrose Games in New York this Friday. It's a short turn around, I'll just rest up in Orlando and knock a little of this past travel off before getting after it again.


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