Friday, January 11, 2008

I Opened Up Today...........Sort Of

I kind of opened up today, I guess we will call it the preseason because it really doesn't count for much, at Disney. We ran outdoor, but at indoor distances for the sprints. The University of South Carolina along with a couple of other colleges came down this week and were training at the complex and I guess the NCAA mandates that they have to have some sort of meet or something. So the Disney Complex obliged and broke out some new hurdles, blocks and brought out the timing system.

I started the day out running a 200, I ran 21.52, it was about 45 minutes before we ran the hurdles. Then I went out and won the 60m hurdles in 7.43, Joel came second in 7.57, Aub was third in 7.63 and Jason Richardson from South Carolina was fourth I believe (we had a slight trailing wind). Brooks was happy with the performance, I used it as an indicator workout, it felt good to get a bit of adrenaline going. Seeing all the lanes filled with hurdles and hurdlers was a nice feeling. About an hour after that I ran in the 300 and ran 34.74 and came butt naked last in my heat. Joel and John Capel took it out and both ran sub 33.20, two of S. Carolina's 4x4 guys were in there with me and scraped me up too. I had no business being in that heat, I should have dropped back a heat or two. All the times we were running were on the F.A.T. system. After that, I had to hit the weightroom for a workout too. I spent over 6 hours out there today, I'm totally exhausted, but I had a very fun time out there.

After running this meet, I have a feeling of what I should expect come time for me to perform for real.