Friday, January 25, 2008

Indoor Season Is About To Officially Start!

I'm in Glasgow, U.K. right now, preparing for the Norwich Union Five Nations Meeting.
The travel here was not the best of course. It took me almost five hours to get from Orlando to Newark with all of the delays. While leaving Newark to head to Glasgow, we sat on the runway for two hours because of some sort of radar outage in Boston. When we got in, it was raining hard, then it snowed, then it started to hail, then it was raining again. It's about a 45 degree drop off from home for me, needless to say I don't plan on spending too much time outside of this Crown Plaza Hotel.

But upon arrival, the staff here for the competition has been nothing but helpful. If you need anything, they will find a way to get it for you. My boy Doc Patton is my roommate here, he's running the 60 and the 200. I came over here all out of pocket too, I left my Skype headsets, my outlet adapter and my shaker bottle for my protein shakes! I'm over here acting like I have never traveled to Europe before. Like I told Doc, you have to condition yourself for this travel too just like you condition yourself on the track. That flight had my ankles swollen, my back out of wack, I'm feeling all jacked up, but you have to get back in the swing of things as far as getting use to all the traveling again too.

As far as the meet goes, I'm going to be going up against a strong field here. The current World Leader Alan Scott (7.52, Great Britian) along with Robert Kronberg (Sweden), Richard Phillips (Jamaica), Helge Schwarzer (Germany), Chris Ballie (Commonwealth Select) and myself. I'm feeling pretty good and I know I'm ready to run fast, all it comes down to now is execution.

I might get an update in after the race, they are hitting us over the head on this internet charge, 16 Pounds (35 US Dollars) for 24 consecutive hours. I took my per-diem and spent it on the internet, mainly so I can watch my Slingbox, but we will see if I suck it up and take that charge again, we might just have to wait until I get back to the house.