Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Buck-eye Stops here! (Again)

Earlier today, I was trying to get Joel to bet me $1,000 on the BCS Championship game, but he balked at the proposal. I think he knew deep down inside that they didn't stand a chance. Now they go back to Columbus hanging their heads once again (see photo above).

I have had a dislike for the Buckeye's ever since they won that faulty National Championship against Miami back in '02 on a phantom pass interference call and now living with Joel, I dislike them even more.

Allen Johnson and Fred Townsend stopped by the house and caught a little of the game before rolling out, during that time, we got the customary screaming and yelling from Joel in the first quarter when they were up 10-0 (just like last year), but soon got the church mouth come the fourth quarter (just like last year).

I knew they didn't have a chance to win unless they gave Chris Wells the rock at least 30 times to keep the score low. OSU's defense was ranked #1 (allegedly, Jim Rome style) but I knew that was the product of a very poor strength of schedule, LSU CLEARLY has the #1 defense in the nation, their offense only put up 175 yards passing and 125 rushing. Working with a short field is always nice. Joel blames the quarterback, the same one who got them to where they are, be it in a VERY overrated Big 10 (with 11 schools), I blame them being too slow at wide receiver. If your receivers can't create separation, then the opposing defense can just blitz all game, which is exactly what LSU did. It's simple barnyard science.

Hopefully my Miami Dolphins will make the smart choice with the first overall pick in the draft and select LSU's Glenn Dorsey, he's a defensive BEAST!

And to finish off the night, Joel of course turned the discussion in to customary "How many championships has Howard won?" I thought we were just talking X's and O's about a Championship game we just watched, I didn't know it was a personal attack.

I wish Division 1 college football had a play-off system, because I really believe that USC and Georgia are probably the two best teams in college football right now.

Congrats to LSU, you guys made my WEEK, just like Florida did in football and basketball last season. Boy I definitely didn't want to hear Joel for the rest of the month. But I guess since Howard hasn't won any football national titles, I have no say in this conversation. LOL!!!!


Mimi said...

I know this is an old post, but as a Gator graduate I feel the need to say that the Buckeyes are OVERRATED! What is a buckeye anyway?! lol...GO GATORS!! :)