Friday, January 25, 2008


I meant to mention this in my post earlier. It's a two part story.

The cats over at USADA hit me for another drug test the night before I was about to roll out to Glasgow. It was funny too. I was in my car about to pull off from the house, when they swooped in Hawaii 5-0 style in front of me! They hopped out the car and started asking for me. I didn't know if I should put my hands where they could see them or get out of the car and walk over to them. I got out and walked over to them, I recognized the guy who always does my tests. I swear they were just at my house not too long ago. Good thing I didn't use that cream the doctor tried to give me last week. I just thought it was funny how they came and got your boy.

I went to the track last night for a little shake out to knock some of that flight off my legs. I have a Blackberry, so I hear my alert go off stating that I have a new BBM (BlackBerry Message). It was from Kenta', he tells me that I have a UPS package from USADA. I hit him back and said "Isn't that what they send you when you mess up?" He said "Yeah, this is exactly what mine came in last year." I was thinking "What the hell? I just got the letter from my last test saying I was negative, what the hell is this?". He asked me if I wanted him to open it and I told him yes. I wasn't anything but an official letter from that missed test I received last summer when I was in Europe. I was visible shook at the track. People were like "What's wrong with you? Your demeanor just changed." I told them what happened and we were sharing stories about instances like that happening involving everyone else. I wonder how that feels when you get that letter and you REALLY were doing something. You must be sick!!!