Friday, February 22, 2008

Boston Action

Well, it's been snowing ALL day today. I'm glad I got in yesterday, because I don't know what the flights would have been looking like if I had left today.

Joel, Aub and myself hit the track early this morning for a workout. It went well and I'm feeling pretty fresh. As I was doing my warm-up, someone who I believe was a high school coach had the audacity to ask me "Are you always that lazy?" I said "Excuse me." He then said "Do you always do your drills lazy like that?" I said "Sir, you're suppose to be a coach right?, well then you would notice that I am being very efficient with my heel to butt on my lead and trail leg and I'm hitting my clip step. I don't have to have the "grit face", I try to run as relaxed as possible." I then walked away and I was HOT!!

A highlight of my day was when I went to a local school with USA Track and Field's Win With Integrity program (formerly know as Be A Champion). Lolo Jones and I talked with the kids on a range of topics from peer pressure to our favorite places to travel. NBC announcer Lewis Johnson was the host. I have several nice pictures from the event, thanks Vicki and for those shots and Susan for having me. I didn't bring my cord to upload the pics now, so I'll have to wait until I get back to the house the pics I have now are from Errol Anderson, and thanks for those!


I found out later in the afternoon that our first round tomorrow has been canceled, so we will just have two rounds on Sunday. I'm in heat two, highlighted names in my heat are Allen Johnson, Anwar Moore and decathlon champion Bryan Clay. Aub and Joel are in the first heat. I have no clue on what I'm going to do tomorrow, I might catch that movie Vantage Point, if so, I'll hit you with a review of it.


Anonymous said...

The nerve of that coach. I would've been hot too.

I hope Vantage Point is/was good. I plan on checking that one out next weekend for my weekly date with self.

Best wishes in your races!