Saturday, February 2, 2008

Millrose Games Recap

The bottom line with my performance at the Millrose Games this evening is it boiled down to poor execution, that resulted in me getting my ass kicked.

I ran 7.59, which again is a "calendar PR" for myself, but I left much to be desired. I basically fell asleep in the blocks, floated hurdle number two, which in turned threw me off of the "breaking up the race" portion of the race. The only thing I executed well was the "critical zone" of the race, the last hurdle through the finish line.

I had what I considered the best warm-up of my career too. I didn't go to the track instead I hit the hallway at the hotel and was able to do what I normally do at practice. I thought of the gameplan because my previous experiences with warming up in the Garden haven't faired too well. I only got to do one start, but so did everyone else, so that's another instance of poor execution.

After the race, I of course had USADA track me down for yet another drug test too. I spent over an hour in there, at least it is a few other athletes were with me, we always have fun in the "holding area".

I am recording the meet on my DVR tomorrow and I am going to watch it probably 100 times. I will dissect it from every angle imaginable. I just have to go back to practice and work harder at my craft.