Tuesday, February 26, 2008

USA Indoor Championships 60m Hurdles Video

I only slept for about three hours Sunday night, I think my body was still full of adrenalin or something, so I tapped out early last night. I got that first class action again on the way back to the house, so that was cool too.

I was granted a rare day off today from Brooks, so Kenta and myself went out to Poinciana High School and talked to the coaching staff and kids as well as watched their practice, they are opening up the outdoor season tomorrow. I know that's hard to fathom for a lot of people reading this who are probably somewhere where it's still snowing and 10 degrees outside. I had a good time out there, it's always fun to be around athletes at the ground floor, I find that by helping them out, I pick up on a few things myself. I always feel that you can learn new things from other athletes, no matter what their particular skill set is, they might have a piece of the puzzle figure out already and the probably don't know how they came about it, so it's always fun to lend a hand.

Here is the video from this past weekend's race. After watching the footage that I had DVR'd, I was very disappointed in the fact that the announcers seemed sort of shocked that I could have pulled out the victory. They must not have been paying attention to what was going on this season or last season, but I don't need the gratuitous attention they bestow upon the select few they pick and choose from pre-race, I will just take the earned attention afterwards.


Nigel "6five" Bigbee said...

"The other guys DESERVED it based on what they had done." WOW I don't remember him saying that. I think they forgot about the races you ran overseas and how you've been consistently dropping time this Indoors. Not just a quick time here and there. Oh well, put in work in Spain. Good luck. I got a guy out here at Nebraska that's 6'3, I use your technique as a template for him.

Brianna said...

what is it with you and this "gratuitous attention??!!!!" :)

but i agree it sounded odd to me too when i watched it. i was thinking..."do they not remember him making the world team last year?" but i bet if you were wearing some glitter they would have mentioned you!

Anonymous said...


Keep up the Good Work



Will Zanders said...

Proud of you D.O.
Especially after how the announcers were Hicks after Millrose. wtf?
I agree that i don't think they actually watch the events sometimes.
But hey at least track and field gets some TV run. lol. I rock bottomed a guy unconscious in my last match, and no one will ever see it, I guess I need to go to UFC to get some run, or otherwise resign myself to camcorder legendary status.

Anonymous said...

You're right David. Beautiful run, by the way. But it's the American way. Adding your own audio would be nice. Like posting some of your thoughts as the race was bring run...

David Oliver said...

That would be cool, but I have no idea how to do that.