Sunday, February 10, 2008

Internet Thugs

"Internet Thugs" AKA "E-Thugs" are defined as a group of people who spend all of their time threatening people over the internet to compensate for their lack of a life and hatred of humanity for not accepting them etc. (as defined by

Basically they talk tough on the internet, most to all of the time anonymously. Please do not attempt to get in to an argument with an "E-Thug" because all they will do is bring you down to their level, it is best to ignore this type of individual.

So for the record, Mr. or Mrs. E-Thug, please refrain from posting anymore on my website. But like I say all the time, if no one is hating or attempting to hate on me, I must be doing something wrong in the first place.

P.S. get a life though!


Brianna said...

Once again, I am truly sorry for accusing you of being an E-thug. I should know you better than that. That friend of yours though....

Nigel "6five" Bigbee said...

HAHA I just started a thread in trackshark about this very topic. A guy shot me a private message talking super grimey. Meet me here and I can do this, I told him, I'd check him into the meet and never heard from him again. E-Thugs aren't much without an optical mouse and spacebar.