Monday, October 6, 2008

Denver Wrap-Up

Well things in Denver went great! Like I said, I was awarded a "David Oliver Day", that is super tight, I got to catch up with a whole lot of people, reminisce at my old high school, see the dentist, eat, eat and more eating, party of course, but most importantly, I got to spend a lot of time with the family.

The celebration was concluded yesterday when my church family at Scott hosted a reception in my honor. It was very nice and had some wonderful tasting food.

My cheeks are tired and sore from all the smiling for the pictures and my left hand hurts from signing all the autographs, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Like I say, the alternative is definitely worse.

I'm sitting in Denver International Airport right now, waiting for this delayed plane to get here. I am operating on complete sleep deprivation, I know as soon as I sit in that seat it is going to be lights out for me!

Steve Johnson, President of the Fundamental Fun Foundation and the award he presented to me on behalf of his organization.

My high school track coaches , Coach Turner and Coach Allen and my best friend Kelvin Me and Bren
My nephew Khamari is getting way too big!

JoyceEboni flew in for the weekend, all we were missing was Lee, gotta wait til Christmas I guess


Dyana said...

Congrats on being honored with a DO Day. I get Dyana Day every day! Yay for me! =) haha. Have a safe flight.

Taraneh Christine said...

You have a beautiful family.
Hope you are doing well :)

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

What a becautiful family. Get plenty of rest when you get home,
you need it. Thanks for the pictures.

Aunt Celest

ejheat said...

This is all super tight indeed. I love it! What an amazing time you had in Denver from your honors at your high school to your church. I am sure it was great to be able to catch up with people you know and reminisce. I love to reminisce with friends and family. It was great you had such quality time with your family and your best friend. You have got such a beautiful family. I know how much you love to eat just like me, and it sounds like you kept on eating and eating and eating. You look so good in all these pictures and so happy. Keep those cheek bones sore because you need to keep that beautiful, electrifying smile going on and on forever. Every beautiful word you write about your life and every picture brings so much joy to my life. I feel like I am always going along the ride with you during this incredible blessed life you live. This really is heaven on earth for me and beyond what words can say how much it helps me through my dystonia condition. You deserve every honor you get because you are one of the best persons on this earth. Every trophy and all of your awards sure are going to look good at your house along with that beautiful artwork picture of you as the centerpiece on your wall. I look forward to the next stop on this ride and journey with you, David. I believe it is back to Howard later this week for Homecoming. Take care and relax until you go back up to Howard. I am always thinking about you and praying for you my special friend. God loves you and so do I !!!!


Carla Ino said...

Not many people can say that they have their own Day...congratulations to you! Thanks for posting the lovely pics.

Did you get any TV coverage for DO day? I ask because - randomly - I was on a cruise this past week and for some reason, the satellite channels were out of Denver. Why, in the Gulf of Mexico? I have no clue. Had I known, I might've been able to catch something about your accolade on the local news!

Anonymous said...

Awww, that was special! Your sister looks just like your mom.

LaLa said...

Great family photo. I know the camera can't capture how proud they are of you.

shanti804 said...

WOW! you have a day. sweeeettt! so does that mean kids get out of school that day? LOL

awww love the family pics =)