Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saturday Update..........

Saturday's events were kicked off by the Homecoming Parade, an event that was Grand Marshaled by Terrence Howard, Brandon T. Jackson, Lance and myself. I was out there running on empty, like I said, sleep was not a priority on my list of things to do while in D.C.

The parade was fun, throwing out mini footballs to the crowd and taking pictures when the motorcade stopped. We got in to a friendly game of catch with Terrence, trying to throw the balls three car links ahead, we were very unsuccessful in those attempts, repeatedly pegging innocent bystanders with mini foam footballs. It was all in good fun.
We had a quick turnaround between the parade and the game. We ate a little McDonalds then got an escort over to Greene Stadium. They honored the 1993 team who went undefeated and made the playoffs.

The game was poppin', I did about four interviews, went to the press box and they had me do a shout out over the loud speakers at halftime. The halftime show was great as well, the bands killed it and Terrence Howard came out dressed as a Howard University drum major and performed his lead song off of his forthcoming album. It was a definitely unexpected to see that.
I thoroughly enjoyed being out there. I met a whole lot of friends, old and new. I also got to hang with Keisha Knight-Pulliam, from Cosby fame most the afternoon.

The tightest moment to me was when I was walking out of the stadium and Sean "Diddy" Combs, stopped your boy to talk to me for a minute. He was telling me how he had everybody watching the Games, how I made him proud to have went to Howard and to keep holding it down and representing. That was pretty unexpected.

The game didn't turn out in our favor, we played the Morgan St. Bears, we eventually lost by one point in double overtime. The kicker missed the extra point!!! Another case of being scared of success. When I was playing, we lost two games in that similar fashion, that's why I don't believe team sports are for me.

I was so tired after the game, I passed out in Murph's car on the way to get he and K's stuff from his house for the yacht party me and Lance were hosting that night. That was the first decent minutes of sleep I had gotten in a while. Before the yacht, we had to hit the step show.

The step show was decent, it's a pretty cool event. I admire the precision and effort it takes for those organizations to perform their acts. As an individual who has to use precision to do what I do, I can really appreciate what they do.Now the event that we had been waiting for all weekend,the yacht party. They really did it big in the set up for the event. I always much more preffer these private events to the ones that are hosted at nightclubs. I like them mainly because not everyone can just show up and come, it was advance tickets and only a set limit were to be sold. Shout out to Josh Mercer, he really held us down.

The party was off the chain, had the tailor made shirt and blazer outfit going, killin' as usual (lol, well not really). We had a very good time as expected.
That was the event that brought the 2008 Howard Homecoming to a close for us. How disappointed was I!!

A really big shout out has to go to Kevin Reed and all of his assistants, he lined up everything for the weekend for Lance and myself. They made sure we were well taken care of, I really appreciated everything. I really wish I could rewind time to last Thursday and do it all over again, we really did it BIG!!!

K. Reed between Lance and I, good looks homie!


Jalana said...

I'm disappointed..no where in your post did you mention seeing your HU secret crush...me! LOL! Oh well, at least I got to drool over your cupid shuffle!

shanti804 said...

OMFG! YOU MET DIDDY! why ain't you tell him to put back Danity Kane together?! LOL

& you met Rudy & Terrance & and you was in a parade & i am like.... so hate-tingggg! LOL

HU did it big.

gosh, i need to learn how to play something...

Carla Ino said...

LMBO @ shanti, she said pretty much everything I was thinking reading your blog. Can we switch lives for a day? Just one?


That's bold how Terrence got played on that "Iron Man" sequel. I love Don Cheadle, but they didn't have to do TH like that.

What a fantastic, amazing weekend you had. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Looks like good times. I'm mad y'all ate Mickey D's though.

Congrats on all the recognition. You deserve it.

ejheat said...

I hope you got my latest post. You certainly had a great weekend. I look forward to what you have to tell us all this week. I am going to the World Series tomorrow night at the Trop back out in right-center field. The ticket is so expensive for the World Series. This is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. The other 2 playoff games were really a bargain price for tickets. I got lucky on a local radio station and won money when they called my name. This is certainly helping pay for the tickets. I hope I did not jinx myself by writing in my last post about being lucky at sporting events. Win or lose, I am going to soak up the whole atmospere and enjoy myself. Hopefully, I will be feeling well, too. All these sporting events and music are such an escape from my dystonia condition. Once again, thanks for all your latest details about your Howard Homecoming weekend. I enjoyed every story and detail about your wonderful weekend and all the pictures. Believe me, your blogs always help me beyond what words can say.


Ashley Robin said...

im glad you had fun, and it looks like howard showed you love big time. That's always good to know that the Bisons support their own.

I hope you get all the acknowledgements you deserve...

QT said...

Dang and I thought I had a blast in the caribbean...not sure where to start...how about praising God that we have life! You probably walk around like the Matrix in slow mo and stuff amazed at all that you are experiencing, I know I would be! I pray that you enjoy every last second, life is WAY too short, ride this one til the wheels fall off baby! Nice pics, CLEAN as always with a beautiful smile. You can see the appreciation of life and the happiness in your eyes...sleep deprived or not...lol

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

What can I say that I haven't said already. Just keep enjoying GODs blessing. You deserve it, and
there is much more to come. Diddy needs to put you in one of his video's, and by the way you would do justice to his clothes line. Look like you could do a Mickey D
commerical too. Do these people know that King David can do it all
(smile). Thanks for the pictures,
and the update. Keep them coming.
Aunt Celest

Ms Trouble said...

Hey Mr Oliver! I see you been doin it big! Dont be a stranger.

LaLa said...

YOU are my kind of famous, no disrespect to Diddy or Terrence but I'd be giddy in your presence. (removing my lips now) LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't even know why, but reading this post made me think of "It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up! magazine..." lol. The whole weekend was straight up CRAZY! I'm glad you had a good time...you sure looked like it!

G2 said...

Just one question...did you find some Epsom salt :-)


RoyceLyndsay said...

Just coming by to be nosey and see what youre talkin about. Lame ole Howard again. Imma stop talkin about your school tho. Im sure its probably a touchy subject. Hollerrrrr!

Heon said...

I 'm your fan. It's a really good story. South Korea is also going to cheer for you.

Coach said...

There is a good litlle workout clip in STACK magazine and STACK.com

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