Friday, October 17, 2008

Homecoming Update #1

As you know, I flew out to D.C. to kick off the Homecoming celebrations for 2008. I met up with Lance at the airport and just started having a ball shortly there after.

Howard has taken great care of us as usual. They put us up in these nice suites downtown, I'm sure we won't be spending very much time here, they also have us a driver that we probably won't use, Lance in his typical high-siding style, got a rental.

Our first order of the evening was the two fashion shows. This is always one of the hottest events during the festivities. Of course we were the "celebrity guests".

Several of my old college friends were in town, so we hung out a bit during the intermissions in between shows. David Payne was up here as well, so we got to chill for a minute. We always have a good time together and it was good seeing him out there.

We were in the last two scenes of each show, everytime Lance or myself would hit the stage, it would get crazy in the crowd!!

After the shows, we were whisked to this party to host. It is always cool just to sit back and relax. I ran in to SO many people, which is expected, but it was still crazy. Then everyone wants to try to talk to you over the loud music, I never understood that, but it's all good.
Today is Friday, one of the biggest days. Yardfest is the main event, it's an all day event with massive amounts of food and memorabilia. Artists come out and perform on the stage and all the fraternities and sororities come out and do their thing as well. My freshman year is still my favorite to date. Jay-Z and the Roc-A-Fella team, DMX and a whole host of other Def Jam cats came out and performed. I wonder who will be in attendance this year?



Ms.Mia said...

Look at you showin out. You think you cute dont you?!! lol

The stage Loves you. You look like you belong. Dang my bestfriend use to be the product development manager at Russell Athletics. She was in charge of finding models. She doesnt work there anymore but i'm sure they are still looking. She still keeps in contact. You could be the face of Russell. What are your measurements?

LaLa said...

Mm...I need a moment.

You had a good ole time didn't you!? Listen give Red Bull a call they'll ship a free case out to you for sure. It's nice you got to reunite with Lance and David P. Look out ladies!

shanti804 said...


damn u look.... decent. ;) a case of red bull is $8! college students don't got it like that.

glad u had fun though.

Dyana said...

When do you get to rest?

Anonymous said...

I saw you at the fashion show and was like, huh??? Is that David Oliver? I think they said your name and Lance Gross' but I wasn't even paying attention. You two were definitely crowd pleasers though!

Miss Mooney said...

Awww...glad you're having a ball! Have a fun and safe weekend♥

ejheat said...

It looks like Homecoming Day #1 has been off the charts. It looks like you and Lance have been Partying Like Rock Stars. Hit the music. Now you and Lance are supermodels, too. Some Guys Got All The Luck. I have heard this tune before. Hit the music again. So the people went wild when the "celebrity supermodels" David and Lance hit the catwalk. Did the I'm Too Sexy song get played? Hit the music again and again. Okay, I am getting a little silly with all these songs. I am in a silly mood tonight. I drank too much water and ate too many double whoppers from Burger King. Yes, the buy one get one free coupon was used, but at least I used a 5 dollar bill instead of coins through the drive-thru this time. The next thing I know is that Lawrence Welk will be coming out blowing bubbles and being the musical entertainment tonight. My sarcasm is off the hook tonight with the Lawrence Welk reference. All the joking aside, I am sure they had some real cool music and artists with great musical entertainment for you guys to sing and dance to at Homecoming tonight. My mom and dad love all that Lawrence Welk music and I always make fun of them when it comes to still watching the Lawrence Welk Show on Saturday evenings on PBS. My parents will be here in less than 2 weeks to visit with me and I can tell you that Lawrence Welk will be making appearances on my living room tv and I will be joking with my parents once again about their evening with Lawrence Welk and the gang. While you and Lance are being the super big men on campus, my excitement today was at Wal-Mart. I am a "celebrity" with the girl at the picture and photo lab. She knows my name by now without me even telling her. I wonder when she might ask me for my autograph. I am always there picking up my send out pictures. Yes, I am still in the Stone Ages and taking pictures with my wonderful throw away disposable cameras. Fred Flinstone and the Great Gazoo would be proud of me. It was rocking and rolling at Wal-mart today. After seeing all the fun you and Lance are having, I am about ready to go from 37 back to 26 years old and hang out with you guys. All of your friends are so cool. I only drink water 99% of the time, but if I can be 26 again, I bringing that Red Bull and hanging out with you guys. I can bring my comedian style personality with me, also. I guess the best I will be able to be this weekend is continue wishing that I am your friendly neighborhood fly on the wall. Can you here me now? I know it is too loud with all those parties and concerts. I look forward to Homecoming update #2. All of the pictures from Homecoming are hot and awesome. So, keep them coming. Enjoy the rest of the weekend King David because the Homecoming parade is awaiting the arrival of the king.


Anonymous said...

yes, you were great at the fashion show, and even MORE awesome today at YARDFEST.

thanks for taking a pic with me.

great smile!

great2meetcha said...

yes, you were awesome at the fashion show, and even MORE dapper yesterday at YARDFEST.

what a sweet guy!

thanks for taking a pic with me.

great smile!

congrats on all your success!

Treasure said...

Well Duhhh the crowd went crazy...You guys are sexy. lol

Brianna said...

did you put in a good word for me yet??? don't be a hater.

RoyceLyndsay said...

thanks and ur lame schools homecoming wont stand a chance next to FAMUs in 2 weeks! hahaha

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

When you get enough of running you can always model (smile).
Red Bull, sounds like a commerical
to me. Your find Lance is cute. He has a beautiful smile. Of course, your smile is still the best (LOL). Glad your having a wonderful time.
Aunt Celest