Sunday, October 19, 2008

Homecoming 2K8 Comes To A Close :(

Well I hadn't been able to post how I wanted to, I was shooting for a post after each eventful day. As you could have imagined, I was VERY busy and didn't have time to post, hopefully you'll understand LOL.

This was easily the best Homecoming I have ever been to. Maybe it was the same as the other one's, but I experienced it in a totally different light. Being a "VIP" guest of Howard University, things were very different as you could imagine.

I had an awesome time, all of my boys were there aside from one, Charles, he's a family man, so you know how that is, but he was there with us in spirit.

Of course Lance was there, Johnny came in from Houston, Murph is still in the area teaching and coaching, K flew in from Denver Friday morning, Joe Crakk the Don (Josef Sawyer) is still in the area producing for America's Most Wanted.
Let me give you the run down on the past couple of days.

Friday was pretty chill, we didn't have very much to do until around 2 when we went up to Howard for the infamous Yardfest. I didn't get to enjoy sleeping in because in his typical "I'm up so everyone else has to be up too" fashion, I'm awaken at 10 due to Lance banging on my door. It's all good though because who cares about sleep during Homecoming right??

Yardfest was poppin, it's always good running in to some old classmates and eating the good food they have out there. Usually we'd have to wait in those very long lines to get some action, but not now, I wonder why.......LOL.

They brought me and Lance up to the stage, I had always wonder what goes on behind that stage, it was pretty tight and the view was great from actually being on stage too. The crowd really supported of us. Howardites know how to love their own, outsiders......that's another story.
After we came off the stage, we did a walk over to this area they had blocked off so that you can take pictures and sign autographs with the fans. People we shaking and crying when they would get a hug or take a picture or get an autograph. That was so foreign to me, they were really excited. After that, I got to meet and take a picture with one of my favorite performers Bun-B! That was pretty tight to me.After all the festivities on the Yard, we headed to do some shopping and hit the Cheesecake Factory up for dinner then hit the hotel to change for Club Love. It was cool sitting around in the living room talking and reminiscing with the fellas, boy we had some times back in the day!

Love was crackin' as it usually does on a Homecoming Friday night. We had the VIP area going and the night was jumping. We always look forward to this party, I'm just glad that this year we didn't have to worry about leaving the Yard early as heck to get down there for the party. They start hitting you over the head on the charge once it gets packed, I'm talking hundreds of dollars. As a college kid and when I was fresh out of school, I couldn't swing that charge.

Lance, K and myselfJosef and JohnnyHoward University President's son, Brandon RibeauRight now, I will do something I didn't do Friday night, get some sleep! I got about 30 minutes Friday night, had to be up real early for the parade. I will give the Saturday update tomorrow, until then, enjoy.


Coach said...

Thank you for sharing your homecoming pics. Be BlesseD

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,

All I can say is "It must be nice"
I'm so happy for you. It's nice to see that your hard work paid off. Enjoy the moment. You deserve it, and you worked hard for it. Thanks for the pictures.
Your getting pretty good with your
Aunt Celest

LaLa said...

You know, fine brothers hang together. Man, I'm SUPER jealous! Definitely happy for you though.

Carla Ino said...

Great pics!!!!! I'm glad you had such a blast. Can't wait to read about the remainder of the weekend :)

shanti804 said...

awwww it's over [ sad face ] glad you had fun being all colored and such. LOL =P

cool pics BTW. keep us posted about important stuffffff or regular stuffffff.

& umm yeah...

GO D.O. the kaaaaaannnnggggg ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey David we are so proud of all you have done...miss ya in florida

Everyone here says hi

Leslie said...

SO INCREDIBLY SAD that I went to NY instead of HU's homecoming this year :(