Wednesday, October 8, 2008

White House Visit

I left Denver for a quick trip out to the D.C. area. U.S. athletes from the Olympics and Paralympics were invited to the area for a reception and a visit to the White House. We were staying out in Baltimore, there we had a nice reception hosted by the U.S. Olympic Committee. I had the opportunity to talk with several different athletes, I was mainly interested in speaking with the athletes from the Paralympics. I was intrigued to hear how their Beijing experiences might have differed from those of mine. Our experiences weren't that different come to find out.

We had to be up on out the next morning at 6:30am! I tapped out while watching Monday Night Football, so that night turned out to be the most sleep I had gotten in a while. I was still trying to catch up on the sleep I had been missing, so I was sleep so hard on the bus ride from Baltimore to D.C. that I didn't even want to get up!

The White House visit was a cool experience, not too many people I know have ventured inside that building on Pennsylvania Ave. President Bush came and address us, then we went on a tour of the White House. I am happy I went, just one more conversation topic.

Me behind the President's podium
Me and 400m hurdle Gold Medalist Angelo Taylor rocking red in the Red Room at the White HouseAfter the White House visit, me and a few other athletes were invited down to USA Today for a social event to show our appreciation for what they did for us, while we were in Beijing, with their coverage. It was a great Q&A session and we signed photographs of us in competition.
Well, the whirlwind trip doesn't stop, I'm on my way to another engagement, more on that later.


Miss Mooney said...

Truly a man on the move...Slow down!! LOL

islande said...

This is so crazy; I find my self looking forward to read your blog every night.
Be safe and God bless

ejheat said...

I guess you really do not get that much time to relax, but I do know you would not trade these awesome experiences in for anything. This is just the way David Oliver loves life. Well, since I am on this awesome ride with you, I see we were in Baltimore/Washington D.C. at the White House. I was actually inside the White House for real back in August of 1996 when my relative who was a secret service agent at that time got my name on the list to visit the White House tour. I saw him at our German family reunion that I told you about that July and he was so cool to get me and my friend on the guest list. Oom Pa Pa!!!! My best friend from my Penn State days, Doug, was living in Silver Springs at that time and working with a weather research company. Yes, us 2 weather geeks of the Penn State alum weather and astronomy geeks association touring the White House. Of all the things at the White House, what we really wanted to see was a weather station and a bunch of stars at the White House. I can tell you this, PSU is a big meteorology school and there are a lot of weather geeks who would have said the same thing. When you get a bunch of weather geeks together it is freakin' nuts. A story within a story. I can tell you this, a lot of these weather geeks ,incuding myself, certainly know how to party and have fun. I just got some flashbacks. The pictures just keep getting better. I really like the picture of 2 great stars, you and Angelo. 2 amazing athletes in that picture with those really red hot Nike jackets. The picture of you behind the President's podium is a classic and the King Star. I love that picture so much. King David Oliver for President. The way the 2 nominees for President are going right now, I am about to write in David Oliver on my election ballot on Nov. 4. Just DO, DO, DO, DO, it for President of the USA. The big reason why I love you so much is because the fact that you really wanted to talk with and find out about these beautiful paralympics athletes. I have so much respect for these paralympics athletes and they are really beautiful stars for sure. It is interesting when you talked to them and found out that their experiences were so much like yours, David. This is some incredibly awesome stuff. You have such a great heart, David, and always seem to do the right things the right way in life. Doing everything the right way in life means so much to me. You just keep making me more and more proud of you. I look forward to your next engagement to see where you are off to. You know I will continue always and forever to be with you on this amazing ride. I love it so much and it makes feel so good and so happy when I need it most. By the way, you missed some incredible action when you fell asleep during Monday Night Football. Not to worry, I had your back and watched the entire game for you. That game had some really sweet plays. I am sure your sleep was much better,though, and you were probably having some sweet dreams. LOL


Brianna said...

damn...i get tired just reading about all this stuff.

Aunt Celest said...

Hey David,
You sure look good behind that podium. I can see you in the White
House (Obama II). Love your pictures, and thanks for sharing them with us. It's so nice of you
to take time with the paralympics.
I have a niece and nephew who has
autisum. Any one who shows a child or adult with special needs some much needed love is okay in my book. Your so kind, caring, and humble. Stay that way and stay blessed.
Aunt Celest

Musiq Mayneack said...

love this entry. how long have you been blogging?

i would appreciate any blogging advice you could give me. =)

could you spare a few minutes for some tips and a critique of my blog?

rusty j

Anonymous said...

The Best Blog !!!!

k. carli said...

David! Talk about a world traveler? And this is the off season for you. :-) You were looking very comfy behind the President's podium...

Thanks for sharing..


shanti804 said...

DO FOR PRESIDENT! LOL j/k that sounds cool though. i never saw the White House before... yeah i don't get out much.

God is Love <3

crappieman said...

David, you continue to impress all you come into contact with. The FUNDAMENTAL FUN, INC. organization has no better representative than you! Next summer there will be more catfish and crappie waiting for you and "K". Get rested!!