Friday, July 11, 2008

Latests Goings Ons

The people at Disney's Wide World Of Sports Complex were thoughtful enough and made a sign for us congratulating Tiff and myself for our Olympic berths. We pulled up to the track and it was there hanging on the fence, I thought it was pretty cool and took a picture of it with my Blackberry and sent it to Tiff on the BBM.

On another note, USATF Foundation Executive Director Tom Jackovic called me the other day and informed me that they were going to give me a bonus for making the U.S. Olympic Team. That was one of the most unexpected phone calls I received and I am so thankful for them and the whole foundation because back when I wasn't really anything on the track scene, they recognized my talent levels and helped me out with a grant for the 2006 season.

I was also contacted by some representatives from the White House and they extended and invitation to me to attend an event at the Rose Garden with other Olympic athletes and CEO's from Olympic sponsors. It's a conflicting date for me, so I won't be able to make that appearance, but I will go in October.

Other than that, I've just gotten back in to a serious training mode and doing the customary phone, email and in-person interview requests that have come up lately.


Coach said...

As long as you do great things with hnoest intentions, great things will happen to you.